Art Supplies | #MolaRecommends

A long due note to summarize all art products and brands that I really like. I already use some & would love to use some eventually 🙂

Marking all products that I use as : #MolaRecommends, however if you are currently looking to simply explore & are new to a medium & not planning to invest, do check out Best Starting Sets under each label.

Getting Started with the Basics:

#MolaRecommends | Brustro Artists Sketchbook:

Doodling Pens & Markers:

#MolaRecommends | Waterproof Doodle Markers:
#MolaRecommends | All Surface Sharpie Markers:

Watercolor Papers:
#MolaRecommends | Brustro 300 GSM Cold Pressed:


Getting Started | Best Starter Kit:
#MolaRecommends | Little Investment, but worth it :

Brush Set:

Brush Lettering Pens:

Getting Started | Best Starter Kit:
Better Quality Brush Pens:
#MolaRecommends | Amazing Black Brush Pens for Cards & Other Work:

Soft Pastels:

Getting Started | Best Starter Kit:
#MolaRecommends | Mungyo Gallery Artists’ Soft Pastels:
#MolaRecommends | Color Fixer:

Acrylic Paints:

Economical & All Purpose:
For Canvas & Board Paintings:

Canvas & Boards:

Rectangular Canvas Board:
Square MDF Board:

Knife Painting Set:

Molding Clay:

Shall keep updating the list 🙂 & Shall also add my personal Wishlist 😀
Have Fun. Do let me know if you it come handy. Drop a Comment 🙂


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